The Neurobiology of Attachment

ONLINE workshop with Sarah Peyton, 21-23 May 2023

Sara Peyton is not just an author but also an international speaker and a neuroscience educator who is passionate about helping individuals transform their brains into a more compassionate and nurturing environment. With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of neuroscience, Sara is dedicated to empowering people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives. If you want to learn more about Sara and her work, be sure to visit her website.

Are you interested in exploring the fascinating topic of attachment and its impact on our brains? Look no further than the workshop, ‘The Neurobiology of Attachment,’ organized by two experienced and certified Nonviolent Communication Trainers, Joanna Berendt and Pernille Plantener. By attending this workshop, you’ll gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the human brain and how attachment influences our emotions, behaviors, and relationships. Join Joanna and Pernille for an enriching and transformative experience that will deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

Unlocking the Power of Attachment: Transform Your Relationship Patterns Today

  • Do you ever feel bewildered about the partners and friends who are compelling to you? 
  • Do you repeatedly end up in relationships that aren’t very good for you?
  • Are often overwhelmed when others get very close to you, or do you long for more connection and intimacy but not telling anyone about it?

Attachment is the way that our brains and bodies are wired to understand and predict relationships, which is heavily based on our childhood experience, especially in the first several years of life.

The way we are responded to creates within us this ongoing prediction or expectation of how we become attached to others and whether that attachment is secure or insecure. 

Do we get to expect that others will see us and know us? Or do we predict that others will be warm with us without knowing us?  Do we expect that others will devour us? What do we expect from a relationship in which we’re getting close to someone else? 

We invite you for three days full of learning, science-based knowledge, exercises, and inspiration in this online workshop with Sarah Peyton.

pexels-saulo-leite-13878843 (1)

Healing is possible

The neurobiology of attachment, the way that our earliest connections affect our adult lives, has a lot to tell us about these deep relational patterns, and it is fun and transformational to learn.

Join Sarah Peyton for an exploration of what our brains are doing and how to grow new, resonant fibers that move us toward earned secure attachment – the state where you can tend to your own needs while staying in relationship with others. Where your ‘no, thanks’ comes easily when it is relevant, and where you can ask for what you want, without heartbreak if you receive a ‘no’.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Discover their own attachment patterns
  • Experience the power of resonance to make our brains good places to live
  • Release contracts that keep us bound to unhealthy relationships
  • Develop more self-warmth and self-understanding.

“I found this workshop very inspiring. In a very short time, Sarah managed to teach us fascinating neurobiological facts as well as helping us identify them in our experience. I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s light touch and humour while at the same time feeling held in her depth of experience and ability to meet people in their deepest pain.” Sucimanasa, Germany

Overcome Attachment Trauma: Join Our Workshop and Learn How to Build Healthier Relationships

This workshop is an invitation to personal development for adults who want to understand their relational patterns better, as well as the patterns of those they are close to. When you join this workshop, you will learn the basics of working with attachment trauma and, with a practice buddy, you will be able to keep working with these matters on your own after the training. This work will be a contribution towards earned secure attachment as you keep practicing.

If you are in a mental health crisis, this may not be the right choice for you. The training is not regarded as therapy or crisis support, nor a substitute of it. If you are in doubt of whether this workshop would be a good fit for you, please connect with the organizers.

Are you Polish, needing help with English?

We are offering a simultaneous interpretation into Polish which will happen via zoom and will be audible only to those who request it. It will not affect Sarah’s presentations, discussions, nor practice experiences. And it won’t cost you extra.

You will let us know in the enrollment form if this is something you would like.

About Sarah Peyton

Sarah Peyton is an author, international speaker, and neuroscience educator dedicated to helping you transform your brain into a kinder, cozier place to live.

Sarah is a living example of what she is teaching, and has been touching and transforming thousands of people’s brains and hearts.

Since 2015, Joanna Berendt (left, on the picture below) and Pernille Plantener (to the right) have organized workshops for Sarah in Warsaw and online. We are very happy to have Sarah teach this online workshop at Europe-friendly times.

See you at the workshop

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