What participants said after the workshop in May 2018:

  • The best combination of warmth, healing using constellations and neuroscience. The training made so much sense to me. Karine Audeguy.
  • Life changing! And with so much healing and juicy learning for me and to pass on to others. Thank you! Emma Collins.
  • A wonderful blend of teaching, providing practical exercises + experiential learning. Tess Cope, The Transformational Agency.
  • Healing is possible, and Sarah Peyton is doing it with so much grace. Anniken Poulsson Beer, Inspirato Group.
  • This training brought lots of opportunities to grow my awareness of myself and heal old hurts and grow into the possibility of facilitating. Elspeth Campbell
  • Great training to become the change we want to see in the world. Ewa Grönwall.
  • “We are not changing our power, we are changing our choicelessness.” Sarah Peyton. Tihana de Windt, Fusion Middle East
  • I deeply value Sarah’s care and presence as well as her authenticity, vulnerability, and skills in sharing NVC, constellation work and neurobiology. In her workshops, I have experienced growth, learning, fun, connection, healing. Thank you! Sylvie Hörning, Callimani
  • Learning, healing and connecting on many levels.
  • The training gave me a unique opportunity to explore myself in safe environment. It supported me in growing my consciousness about the way I work with others and how I bond with them.
  • The training with Sarah is like finding the lost, strong pieces of myself and bringing them to the world to make the world safer and more open to everyone.
  • A transformational experience to heal trauma.
  •  Love you guys!